Getting to the Root of Building Failures

Failures within the built environment can occur at any time for a variety of reasons. A deep understanding of all aspects of building design and construction, condition assessment & evaluation techniques, and the materials themselves is required to determine the root cause of a failure. We can help you assess architectural, civil, structural, electrical, fire protection, materials and mechanical issues pertaining to your building. Our large team of multi-disciplinary experts will provide you with root cause determination and tailor a cost-effective solution for your unique situation.

Civil + Structural Engineering

Our team of forensic engineers and civil and structural experts specialize in a wide variety of areas, including building science, building damage assessments, construction defect, design defect, earth movement, geotechnical engineering, facility condition assessments, maximum probable loss evaluations, soil analysis, structural integrity, and vibration analysis. Once we determine the root cause of your issue, we can provide repair and remediation consulting with your timeline and budget in mind.

Electrical Assessments

As the backbone of all modern building systems, it’s crucial to understand why your electrical system failed. Assessing the origin and cause of events involving your electrical system and equipment help you mitigate a future recurrence. We investigate all electrical systems, power quality, grounding systems design and testing, and distribution in residential, commercial and industrial systems – especially those connected to smart technology.

HVAC + Mechanical Evaluation

When your HVAC, ventilation or mechanical building system fails, it can lead to business interruption, insurance claims, and could potentially pose a danger to occupants. Our mechanical failure experts conduct site inspections, testing and rigorous investigation to determine the root cause of any mechanical building failure. We draw on our materials, fire, water, product, engine, and electrical expertise to provide the full picture for every incident.

Fire Protection Analysis

With deep expertise in fire protection services, we’re able to quickly and accurately assess systems and materials after a failure or false alarm to help mitigate risk of failure in the future, or worse, a failure during a fire. Our services cover dynamic systems such as sprinklers, special suppression or fire alarm. We also cover static protection systems including windows, fire barriers and doors. We conduct forensic investigations on fire protection materials to determine omissions, flaws, detachments or deterioration that may have led to or increased a loss.

Architectural + Building Code Analysis

We take a comprehensive approach to investigating the built environment that covers all architectural and building code requirements related to a structure. We analyze building envelope, including roofing, façade/claddings, curtain walls, walls, windows and doors, foundations and below-grade areas for design or performance issues.