Uncover critical information in advance of investments, partnerships, disputes or employment offers

Our investigators provide corporate intelligence and insight in support of mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, executive hires, board appointments, reputational profiling and market entry using the techniques below.

Corporate Due Diligence Investigations

Analysis of potential M+A targets or business partners (corporate entities and key individuals). Identify potential issues such as a history of litigation, regulatory concerns, criminal records, significant customer and employee complaints, bankruptcies, verification of assets and locations, claims by vendors and creditors or concerning social media activity.

High-Volume Due Diligence Investigations

Customized, scalable background investigations as well as research and verification solutions to complement in-house credentialing or acceptance processes. Designed for organizations with multiple key employees, contractors or members whose negative reputations and actions could significantly impact clients, reputation or performance.

Corporate Disputes, Takeover Bids + Proxy Fights

Research, due diligence and investigative support related to complex corporate disputes, such as hostile takeover bids, proxy battles, civil litigation, regulatory and government inquiries, and investigations into activist shareholders, agitators and other counterparties. Includes background investigations, asset location, media and social media review, field investigation and surveillance.

Executive Hires + Board Appointments

Intensive review of background information related to crucial appointments or hires. Investigative scope includes U.S. and global data sources related to litigation, criminal records, regulatory issues, international corruption and terrorism financing, money laundering, assets and associated businesses, personal and professional background, media profile and social media activity.

Reputational Profiling Review

Discreet interviews with former employers, customers, competitors, suppliers, journalists, industry insiders, colleagues or relatives to determine subject’s personal and professional background, reputation within the industry and political connections. Usually coupled with an extensive background investigation of the subject(s).