Rigorous testing using our in-house laboratories

We support our investigative work through in-house laboratory, testing and modeling services, providing you with insightful analysis and an unbiased approach. Using technology and advanced modeling tools, we can help you determine the cause of product & construction failures, industrial incidents, structural damage, personal injury accidents, and a wide variety of other services in collaboration with subject matter experts.


We have both small and large-scale fire test capabilities and evidence examination facilities. Depending on what you need from our fire testing services, we select our laboratory space, apparatus and test parameters to provide you with accurate and reliable findings. Our high-bay fire laboratory contains two different test cells—each set up differently to record and capture specific data. Our small-scale laboratory contains a range of testing apparatus and examination equipment. We also have a vast network of external fire labs and fire testing technology which can support larger, more expansive fire tests and labs.


Whether you're experiencing a failure of building materials, reconstructing an accident, evaluating products for reliability or determining the cause of a vehicular accident, the laboratory testing technical materials can assist. We use science and technology to support the testing of metallurgical, cementitious, gaseous and small particulate materials. Our material analysis laboratory services are located throughout North America, making testing efficient for the support of insurance and litigation claims.

Concrete Materials + Engineering Laboratory

The Jensen Hughes Concrete Materials & Engineering Laboratory provides physical, chemical, and petrographic analysis services. It has received accreditation from the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials for testing aggregates, cement, concrete, pozzolans, and slag cement. Our lab also supports our field evaluations to provide insight on the safety and remaining service life of concrete structures around the world – providing you with cost-effective strategies for remediation.